Becoming the Ultimate Husband

Defusing Self Absorption and the Heart of Anger

Free Audio
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Female Mind

Reconciling With Your Wife

Taming Lust

The Secret to an Amazing Marriage

Reconciling With Your Wife
Counseling and Letter Critiquing

Reconciling With Your Hardened Wife

The Controlling Wife

Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Reconciliation

How do we avoid seeing our faults?

Worksheet:  How I Wounded My Wife

Identifying Your Mistakes

I gave her my letter. Now what?

The Timing of Giving a Letter

Iíve Been Unfaithful (Adultery or Porn)

My Wife Had an Affair or Has a Boyfriend

Tough Love, Church Discipline, and the Departing Wife

What About My Wife's Sin?

Other articles coming eventually:

My Wife Was a Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse

I deprived my wife of the marriage bed

Overcoming Anxiety

The Jealous or Controlling Husband

Compassion for the Hardened Wife

A One Woman Man

The Art of Making Love to Your Wife

Sample Love Letters
Love Letter to a Middle-aged Wife

Valentine to a Middle-aged Wife

Valentine to My Wife

Happy Anniversary

Date Questions to Help You Know Your Wife

True Love

How Beautiful is Your Wife?

Reconciling With Your Wife

A Man's Guide to Female English

Career Decisions

A Real Man

Guy Humor
Understanding a Woman (video)

Clueless Guys (video)

Scented Candles for Men (video)

Manslator: The Female Language Translator (video)

Family Feud: Things Men Would Do for Sex (video)

The Protective Father (video)

Differences between Men and Women

Humorous photos and thoughts for guys

Why it's great to be a guy

The RULES according to women


Clueless Guy

Can men and women be just friends? (video)

Male Communication


The Decline of Manhood

Broken Together (Powerful music video by Casting Crowns)

Conehead Marital Contentment

Amputee surprises bride by walking on wedding day

Surprise Wife with European Trip

The Porn Problem

Why I gave Up Porn

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