BECOMING THE ULTIMATE HUSBAND: Like a Captain Through a Storm
8-disc CD set by Reb Bradley 

The Bible teaches that men are appointed by God to be the heads of their households just as captains pilot their ships. History reveals that when men properly fulfill their leadership role, wives are happiest, marriages are stronger, and families thrive, but when men fail to assume leadership, families, churches, and society all suffer. Unfortunately, most men do not understand biblical leadership, so their wives “stress out” as they are forced to shoulder the weight of running the home by themselves. To offer the best help to men Reb draws from the Scriptures, his wife's expert explanations of the female mind, and the lessons he learned from his own failures. The man who listens to and applies the lessons contained herein will be thankful into eternity.

The 8 sessions include:
1. Unraveling the Mysteries of the Female Mind
2. Men as Family Heads
3. Following Christ’s Example of Servant Leadership (part 1)
4. Following Christ’s Example of Servant Leadership (part 2)
5. Overcoming Common Obstacles to Leadership
6. Taming Lust
7. Resolving Anger and Unforgiveness
8. Plotting a Leadership Course

(Free syllabus available on download page)

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